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Как открыть крюинг, крюинговую компанию или крюинговое агентство
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05.12.2011 00:42

How to open crewing, crewing company or crewing agency

Many many times, probably wondered how to open crewing , crewing company or crewing agency ? But finding information on this subject could not find - and operating companies, of course, this will not tell. We will try in this article to describe the highlights of the process of creating marine crewing company.

Crewing word - is an English word, and it means - to hire a crew. Thus, crewing company must deal with the selection and assembly of professional sailors on foreign ships and not only through agents or directly.

To create a company must register with the state, for example, to register the LLC "Crewing". Depending on the laws of the country depends on obtaining a license. For example, in Georgia today is not licensed - crewing is specified in the charter of the company. More detailed information can be obtained from any lawyer who works in the marine industry.

The next step is to create a database of seafarers. This can be done in several ways: The easiest way - is to use the free open source database sailors online www.crewing.ge You just need to go through a simple registration as digging. The site has almost all the sailors of different specialties.

More complex and time-consuming method, but quality - it is a personal check every sailor in your computer, ie the database. For this is necessary to remove the office, equip it with computers, fax machine, etc. The key point is the entire work crewing manager. Crewing manager can be themselves and you - the most important thing is to know English to understand the marine documentation. But you still desirable to hire a former employee crewing company or just find a suitable candidate. Most of the work falls on the crewing manager, to negotiate, to find the shipowner (agent).

Also at the opening crewing company you first need to create a website for your future crewing company. This is a very important factor, and in any case do not resort to a free site builder. The site should look stern, and have a name corresponding to the name of your crewing company, and certainly that was in the blast zone. Com.org. . Eu. . Ru etc. We suggest you contact about creating a website for maritime crewing company to the professionals of the case. For example, the company specializes i offshore company formation



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