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Капитану Costa Concordia грозит 15 лет тюрьмы
Автор: crewing   
20.01.2012 00:47

Costa Concordia captain faces 15 years in prison

15 years' imprisonment - threatens liner captain Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia. He is now under house arrest. But prosecutors insisted on taking him into custody, fearing that the captain, who escaped from a sinking ship, can run and abroad. By negligence, manslaughter, non-performance of professional duties can be added and other charges. Case captain acquires all new parts. More - Nelia Tereshko. PROSECUTOR Italy - looking Domnika Chemortan. Her photo made ​​by members of the crew Costa Concordia, went around the world today. This girl is no passenger lists, nor the ship's crew. But while she was on board, and remembered by many, as the captain in her company spent a lot of time. Even at the moment when the ship crashed into a rock. This is indicated by the witnesses. Is this true - want to know the investigators. According to them, the girl had returned home to Romania. The Italian press suggests that leaving the sinking ship, the captain saved his counterpart. This assumption causes resentment among the survivors. Captain residents only regret native village. Fabricius, a resident of his native village, Francesco Schettino: - I'm sure: this tragedy happened because of a combination of circumstances. It is sad that now all rushed to condemn the behavior of Schettino. I feel sorry for him. Meanwhile, there, under the water, still about two dozen of those who did not escape. During their attempts to find relatives watched from the shore. They came from France, their family got tickets to this cruise and now are among the missing. Rescuers, meanwhile, showed videos of their underwater searches. From time to time they have to interrupt the work, the ship blows a strong current. Luca Cari, a member of the rescue teams: - Today is a very important day, we have a lot to catch. According to the forecast - approaching tide. Due tide ship can completely submerge. Everything in it is - simply mixed up, warn rescuers. If you do not find the body remaining to rising sea levels - will have to start their search for new, more complex conditions. Hotel Murah di Singapore


Nelia Tereshko, Details, TV channel "Inter".



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